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Caught in the Web of Deception

Hard Cover

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Caught in the Web of Deception is a book that will show you how the enemy’s plan captured and almost destroyed the life of a dedicated servant of God, and how he returned to fellowship with the Lord, preserved his family, and had a long and effective ministry for the Kingdom.

Caught in the Web of Decep­tion is a 200-page hardcover book by Missionary Dr. Charles Fraley, M.D. with Bob Fraley. Dr. Fraley shares his testimony of how, after 13 years of schooling and medical preparation, he fell into deception , which caused him not to go to the mission field as he had promised the Lord. Several spiritual principles are discussed that give insight into the cause of spiritual deception. This book will help you avoid falling into deception and be delivered from the bondage of deception if you have already become trapped.